Religious Naturalism for All

For all naturalists and humanists who have a religious or spiritual inclination,

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If you are not a Religious Naturalist or interested in learning about it, you may not belong here. Non-participants will be remove when the membership reaches 150 due to Ning limitations on the site for the membership fee payed.

Need help? Explore the menu across the top. Find out what the tabs do.

Home: Entry page to those who are not signed in as members as yet. Provides a brief background on RN. It's an active page and summarizes what's going on here. Worth keeping an eye.

Invite:This is a page required by Ning and can be of considerable value to you and the network to invite people here to our community

My Page: Start your profile. Tell us who you are on. Upload a photo (if you don’t we will pester you till you do). If you like, you can change the page appearance.

Forums: Where the real action is. Join or start a discussion. Anyone can start one! But remember it takes two to have a group discussion. The Forums tab and sub-tabs is for discussing ideas, controversial topics, perspectives or asking FAQs about RN. You can view Forums by category, or by latest activity. Threads of on going discussions: Click on them and join in.

News blog: Post short comments; add references to new sources or bits of information the network may find of benefit. Keep it short. Lengthy stuff should go in the Forums as a discussion. We encourage everyone to add this tab to their notification list.

Members: See who all is here

Photos: Add ones you like that relate to our interests but remember this is not a storage place for all your photos. Good place to post some IRAS conference stuff.

Videos: Add pertinent ones to RN but no more than that. Good place to put YouTube items of interest. Invite naturalistic people with spiritual inclinations you think would be at home here. Also friends that you think may find this network of interest.

Invite friends and naturalistic people with spiritual inclinations you think would be at home here.

Network Etiquette

This is a friendly place. Keep it that way. That doesn’t mean you cannot disagree with someone, just be nice about it. Religious Naturalism is all about tolerance and openness to contrary opinions which can add a bit of spiciness to our verbal stews. Persistent breaches of basis good manners will not be tolerated.

Your name

Aliases are not permitted.This is a controlled membership network of friends who have a common interest. Why would you wish to be anonymous? If you do, go to some other non-social network.

Your Page profile

We want to know you,after all, this is a network of friends. We require during sign up certain pieces of information but did not require a photo of you or an in depth resume. However we want both of these items and will pester you till you supply them.

Photos and videos

We have pages for these as most all networks do as it is one of the most desired features. This network is primarily for discussions, education and social coherence. Unrelated photo galleries do not promote these objectives so upload only ones that are pertinent to our purpose. Your photo on Your Page helps everyone know better who you are. Consequently we require you have one. You may wish to add a family photo to Your Page or a special piece of artwork to decorate it a bit. Member photos show very small, so use a full face or head & shoulders photo. Anything smaller and we may not recognize you. Please limit files to 2MB or preferably less.


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